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Chimney repair Chimney repair

Upfront and affordable pricing for our service

Please be aware that all prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact our office with any questions regarding pricing. Prices are conditional so if any problems, blockages, or obstructions are discovered, they will be discussed with the customer before work is started.

Oversized or Walk-In Fireplaces, Oil Stove Chimneys:

Starting at $150.00


Oil, natural gas, propane or kerosene heat:

Starting at $130.00


Freestanding wood, coal or pellet stoves (this includes freestanding stoves inside an oversized fireplace):

Starting at $165.00 (We clean out the stove and the pipes and sweep the chimney. Most companies WON'T clean out your stove and pipes for you.)


Wood, coal or pellet inserts lined with a stainless steel liner to the top of the chimney:

Starting at $165.00


Obstructed or Blocked Flues:

Starting at $195.00


Standard Chimney Inspections:

$90.00 for the first chimney flue in your home

$45.00 for each additional flue in the same home.


Relining, Damper Repairs/Replacement, Waterproofing, Crown Resurfacing, Custom-size Chimney Caps:

We provide FREE estimates by appointment.


There is a minimum charge of $45 on all service appointments.


-If we remove more than 5 gallons of excess ash from the firebox, the labor charge starts at $15. This is ash left in the firebox after several fires, not what falls during our sweeping. Please clean out as much excess ash from your firebox before your appointment to avoid the extra charge.


-We do not clean out fireplace ash pits. Most contain not only ash that has been dumped but building materials from when the home was erected. Sucking this out can ruin the ash vacuums. Some are as large as walk-in closets or run the entire length of your home’s foundation, and we do not have the capacity to take everyone’s ash with us, In addition, access to most ash pits are through small, 8”x8” clean out doors. This makes it impossible to clean out everything except what’s right inside that door.  We recommend not dumping your ashes if you’re worried about the pit being cleaned out, but instead, shoveling them directly out of the firebox when they have cooled.  


-Due to insurance changes, we NO LONGER provide servicing on stove inserts that have only partial stainless steel liners, or ones that have to be pulled due to no stainless steel liner in the flue. We will only service fully lined inserts.


No Show/No Cancel Charge:

If you have an appointment but you don't call to change or cancel and you are not home for your appointment, there will be a $70.00 Service Call Charge. We will leave you a bill. This covers the cost of taking a truck out of service and using a time slot we would have otherwise been able to give to someone else. We confirm every appointment. Please be courteous and call the office at least 24 hours in advance if you must change or cancel your appointment.



A 23-point safety inspection is always included in the price whenever we sweep your chimney.

Sweeping services and pricing

Chimney sweeping

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Family and female owned and operated! We also offer 10% discounts on sweeping as well as chimney caps to senior and military personnel!

FREE estimates on custom chimney caps, waterproofing, crown repair, damper replacement, and relining services!


Masonry and prefabricated fireplaces:

Starting at $130